Improving Your Concentration

Jul 17
Do you always feel distracted whenever you study? Find that you are not 100% focused on your work?

Do you always feel distracted whenever you study? Find that you are not 100% focused on your work? Well , most JC students are facing difficulties concentrating on their studies. A lack of concentration would result in shoddy work, careless mistakes and a decrease in productivity in their learning. With concentration being essential to students doing well in their studies, it is imperative that they follow these few steps to enhance their state of mind to focus on the task at hand.


1)Study at a conducive environment

Choose a study area that is quiet and free of any distractions. As everyone has their own preference in the type of location to study, choose a location that best suit your needs and make you feel relaxed and comfortable. By having a clear peace of mind, your mind will be more energised and focus on the task at hand. Students will be able to retain their knowledge more efficiently and learn in a more optimal manner.


2) Consistent study routine

Having a consistent study routine is essential to making sure your concentration does not waver in the course of your studies. Try to study at the same time each day so that your body clock can adjust optimally. It will allow your body and mind to be prepared physically and mentally, making sure you are able to focus on your learning. A suggestion of mine is to start work early in the morning when your attention span and concentration level is at the highest. Start on the most difficult assignment first so that you are able to tackle challenging problems at your optimal level.


3) Stay Healthy

Having a healthy body and mind definitely aid in enhancing the concentration of the students. This can be done by having ample amount of sleep and rest. If you are tired or fatigued, you will be unable to focus on your studies. Your productivity will decline and you are unable to effectively acquire knowledge. Also, have a well-balanced diet. Eating a variety of delicious food help to improve mood and focus your mind. Students will have more energy to do productive work.


Exercise regularly! By being physically active, feel-good endorphins are released and your mood become better. Go play a sport or to the nearest park to jog. With regular exercise, it will enhance your mental state of mind and keep you relaxed. You will be able to approach your studies with a ton of energy and a sharpened mind.


4) Stay Motivated

Lastly, be passionate in your studies. Love what you study. Try to relate what you study to your own life so that there is a purpose and meaning in studying. By being interested in your studies, you will want to acquire knowledge and be more focused about it. This will allow students to master their content in an optimal manner and be productive in their learning.


Studying without concentration doesn’t work. Your brain is unable to efficiently retain and take in knowledge. So what are you waiting for? Apply these strategies to improve your concentration and excel at the A Levels examinations. If you have other ways in which students can maximize their focus, feel free to share.