How to Build Up Your Vocabulary Capacity

Jul 17
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Here are some strategies that students can adopt to build up their vocabulary capacity.

Having difficulties finding the words to convey your idea? Having the skill to communicate effectively in both written and verbal form is key in our current age. It is necessary for effective business and an important social skill. As such, in order to develop communication skills, students must have a strong vocabulary to allow them to express their ideas proficiently. It will help them in improving their essay writing skills and enhance their English. Here are some strategies that students can adopt to build up their vocabulary capacity.



Of course, the best way to enhance your vocabulary is through reading. Students should cultivate a reading habit when they are young. By reading books or news articles, students get exposed to a wide variety of new words. Students can see how these words are being used in sentences and apply them for use. They can understand how certain words are used in certain contexts better and determine word meaning by evaluating the context of the sentence and surrounding words. By spending an average of 30 minutes per day reading, your vocabulary capacity will surely improve tremendously.

2) Use Associations

How do you remember the words you learn? Well, associating the words to your life is one way to help you retain your vocabulary knowledge and use them. Try to relate any new words to famous people or to significant events in your life. If it help, create a story that help you to discern the meaning of any new words. Patterns and linkages between different words may also help you to improve your ability to remember words. This way, students can retain a wider variety of vocabulary words and enhance their vocabulary capacity.


3) Interactive games.

Building up your vocabulary capacity may be a bit monotone and dull at time. As such, make it fun for yourself by playing word games like scrabble. Games enables students to actively engage what they are learning directly. With the fact that such games can be played with your friends and family, students will be more interested to play these games to learn new words.They will develop a passion for learning. It is a fresh and alternative way of learning vocabulary for students, making them more receptive to it.


Do you want to improve the repertoire of words at your disposal? By following these strategies, students can learn more definitions of words and help you understand all the meanings and nuances of every word you are learning. You will be able to master new words in no time! Do share with us your own tips on how to improve your vocabulary skills.